The Crazy Horse Sculpture….. and Mt. Rushmore

We cut down off I-90 to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We couldn’t just drive by so we paid our entry fee and drove up the long road to the parking area, got out, took some photos and went into the huge visitor complex. After all, this project, The Crazy Horse Memorial, is the world’s largest mountain sculpture.

In 1939 the sculptor won first prize for his entry at the New York World’s Fair. The Lakota chief Standing Bear learned of this and wrote a letter ……”My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know the red man has great heroes also..” He invited Korczak Ziolkowski to the Black Hills to carve Crazy Horse. The first blast of rock occurred in 1948. It took off just 10 tons. Millions of tons have been removed since… it is today…


The brochure I have says the horse head is 219 feet high…here is a close up of some equipment at the base…


When Brad and I were there in 1977 I took this slide ….sorry about the color. I believe there was scaffolding below the face..

66 Crazy Horse monument started in 1948

Today the same view……




67 still a ways to go



Will it ever be completed?

No trip to the Black Hills is complete without a visit to Mt. Rushmore…I love the view now as you walk up through  the memorial columns to each of the 50 states….


But I loved this sign which was there in 1977…of course it is long gone…

68 Mt Rushmore sign


Fripp Is. to Caesar Creek Soaring Club

We got the motor home all packed and left Fripp Island for Ohio on May 29th. It’s about 700 miles to the soaring club so we stopped near Knoxville at the end of the first day.. Stayed at a nice campground off I-40 on the Little Pigeon River. Ronnie had marinated a flank steak which we grilled for dinner. Delicious! Here is a short YouTube video greatly speed-ed up.I had a Bob Seegar tune with it but You Tube wouldn’t let me use it so it has goofy music.

The second leg through Cincinnati brought us to the club mid afternoon.  Here is another short speed-ed up video:

This is such a beautiful place. I took my first flying lesson here 22 years ago. It has been a huge part of our lives, both Ronnie’s and mine. Though we no longer live in the area we still spend several weeks here most years. The gliderport is located about 40 miles northeast of Cincinnati. It’s 4 miles north of I-71 between the Little Miami River and Caesar Creek Lake.What a beautiful place to fly and to camp, During the week we practically have the whole place to ourselves, all 140 acres.

Our club owns the property which includes a pond, campground, clubhouse, porch with seating for over 100, all along a beautiful 2800 foot long grass runway .It’s one of the premier soaring clubs in America. Definitely one of the most beautiful..

Here are some photos:

Clubhouse and veranda Cutting Grass The Pond Runway and campgournd Runway and wind sock Pond  view 2

One thing about Ohio in springtime, it can rain a lot….for example we spent all afternoon Wednesday watching and listening to the rain from the motorhome.



I had been looking forward to taking some videos here with my GoPro camera mounted to my dji Phantom drone. However, I crashed the thing on the 4th flight and it is in for repair. I hope to get it back soon.  For now, the still photos will have to do.


Day 3 – Alaska Adventure

On Sunday we drove from Chattanooga to the middle of Illinois where we again happened to pick a very nice campground …it’s sort of pot luck as to what you will get…so far so good. Yesterday we drove from there to Black River Falls, MN. Campground here is nice enough too. After 3 days we have driven almost 1300 miles.Here we are arriving yesterday afternoon.

Day 3-2

Day 3-3

When trying to decide what route to take to Alaska, I Iearned about a Microsoft program called Streets and Trips. I decided to try it and found It to be very useful if you don’t have an internet connection. Plus, it  has some  other nice features like points of interest including campgrounds.

So, this morning, I planned our trip for Day 4. I used Streets and Trips and planned a trip of about 475 miles to Jamestown, ND. Then, I used this must have RV Guide to find a campground in that area.

Day 3 -1

After selecting one I put it into my Garmin GPS and we are ready to go. More later.

Our “New” Motor Home

We took the plunge yesterday! We purchased a 2003 Allegro 31 foot  motor home.


Just a few weeks ago we were again.talking about going to Alaska. Neither of us have seen this vast wilderness and have talked about going for years. I hate the idea of flying commercial and driving a car didn’t have too much appeal….However, I have always wanted to drive the Alaska Highway….so, what about doing it in a motor home? The idea began to take shape. Ronnie was very enthusiastic about it. 

We began talking about all the other trips we might take; how we might use it. We love the west so going back to Nevada and Utah sounded like great fun. Neither of us have been to New England sightseeing so that’s on the list. We love the Smokies so occasional little trips to the Great Smokey Mountains are likely.

In the winter I make several trips to Seminole-Lake Gliderport to fly gliders. Now we even have a practical use for it. I would likely leave it there all winter so when I go fly I stay in our motor home. Of course, I would likely keep it at Caesar Creek Soaring Club for several weeks in the summer. We have a travel trailer there now. We’ll sell the travel trailer and stay in our motor home there in the campground. That’s how the idea took shape.

When I was in Ohio in mid-April I went to see some Class B motorhomes. Ronnie thought they were too small  and for us they are. Next, we looked at a couple of Class C coaches.. I thought I would end up with one of these, maybe in the 22 to 24 foot range.I decided to see what I could learn about all this by looking at the various on line forums. I eventually posted a topic on the RV Forum Community. The idea was to get input on Class C units under 25 feet.

Eventually, after keeping this topic going for nearly two weeks, all these RV veterans convinced me that I needed to think bigger than 25 feet and I really should consider a Class A motorhome. Thanks to all their great suggestions and responses to my questions I bought a 31 foot Class A. Ronnie and I think it’s perfect… are some more pictures:

2003 Allegro 014

2003 Allegro 0052003 Allegro 015We are really looking forward to our first camping experience in our “new” Allegro. I will post about it when it happens about the third week in June