Fripp Is. to Caesar Creek Soaring Club

We got the motor home all packed and left Fripp Island for Ohio on May 29th. It’s about 700 miles to the soaring club so we stopped near Knoxville at the end of the first day.. Stayed at a nice campground off I-40 on the Little Pigeon River. Ronnie had marinated a flank steak which we grilled for dinner. Delicious! Here is a short YouTube video greatly speed-ed up.I had a Bob Seegar tune with it but You Tube wouldn’t let me use it so it has goofy music.

The second leg through Cincinnati brought us to the club mid afternoon.  Here is another short speed-ed up video:

This is such a beautiful place. I took my first flying lesson here 22 years ago. It has been a huge part of our lives, both Ronnie’s and mine. Though we no longer live in the area we still spend several weeks here most years. The gliderport is located about 40 miles northeast of Cincinnati. It’s 4 miles north of I-71 between the Little Miami River and Caesar Creek Lake.What a beautiful place to fly and to camp, During the week we practically have the whole place to ourselves, all 140 acres.

Our club owns the property which includes a pond, campground, clubhouse, porch with seating for over 100, all along a beautiful 2800 foot long grass runway .It’s one of the premier soaring clubs in America. Definitely one of the most beautiful..

Here are some photos:

Clubhouse and veranda Cutting Grass The Pond Runway and campgournd Runway and wind sock Pond  view 2

One thing about Ohio in springtime, it can rain a lot….for example we spent all afternoon Wednesday watching and listening to the rain from the motorhome.



I had been looking forward to taking some videos here with my GoPro camera mounted to my dji Phantom drone. However, I crashed the thing on the 4th flight and it is in for repair. I hope to get it back soon.  For now, the still photos will have to do.



Soaring in January at Seminole-Lake Gliderport

We had three straight days of good soaring at Seminole-Lake Gliderport January 24 through 26. I logged a bit over 10 hours in the DG-800 in three flights.Temperatures were in the low 80’s, cumulus clouds were abundant, thermals were strong and we were able to get high every day. During the first flight I had the privilege of soaring with a lone Wood Stork and the second day I was in a thermal with two Bald Eagles. Circling in a thermal with these wonderfull birds is one of the great things about flying gliders. The birds don’t seem to mind as long as you don’t get too close.

Wood Stork Soaring

These are both majestic species who love to soar and the Wood Stork in flight is a magnificent sight with legs outstretched and wings spanning up to 6 feet.

On the last day I shot some video clips with my Go Pro Hero . The little Go Pro is an incredible camera. I’ve had mine for a couple years and I continue to be amazed by the quality packed into this little box.

Go Pro Hero

I got mine with the head strap accessory so that you can wear it like a hat. The idea is that the video will be of whatever you are looking at. However, I found that the camera is so small  you can get great results just holding it. That’s how I took the clips in the YouTube video that follows. The field of view is an incredible 170 degrees. So, you can hold the camera out at arms length and take video of yourself for example. Because of the very wide field of view it appears that the camera is several feet away. Of course, this also causes the horizon to look extremely curved. The bottom line is this camera is a lot of fun.

When I returned home from my soaring trip I was out on the Ocean Creek golf course and saw about a dozen Wood Storks. I mentioned this to a member of the local Audubon club and he said indeed they used to be a rare site here on Fripp Island but he thought maybe the gradual climate change in recent years might account for it. I took this photo along the 13th fairway at Ocean Creek

Wood Stork on Fripp Island golf course

The Barron Hilton Cup – Our greatest soaring adventure

Ronnie said I should do some blogs about our soaring adventures. We’ve had so many great soaring experiences that I didn’t know  where to start. I decided, finally,  to begin with the very best one. Getting there took years of trying and it is my ultimate achievement in soaring. The Barron Hilton Cup is no longer awarded but for over 25 years, it was a once in a lifetime dream for glider pilots the world over.

-But wait, there’s more!