Mackinac Island

Yesterday we made the short drive from Munising in the UP to the Mackinac Bridge…the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere…a little intimidating in the motorhome..


……then, a very short drive to our campground on Lake Huron…..


Today we took the ferry from Mackinaw City over to the island Mackinac IslandP1030633P1030634

then took the carriage ride………no cars……….everything horse drawn and thousands of bicycles…..


Walked past the Grand Hotel……it has the longest covered porch in the world something over 600 feet…


And for the all the animal lovers in our family….and especially for Thea who loves horses…  are a couple of the horses that pull the carriages to the Grand Hotel


and here is the harness room and a couple of stalls in the stable of the Grand Hotel…they only work about half a day and get one day a week off …..not a bad life


My favorites were these three…our driver said they were the biggest three Belgians on the island ….total weight  6500 pounds…


…..and for those who love old houses….especially my son Brad… are a few of the “summer cottages” that sit on the bluff overlooking the Grand Hotel and everything else….



and for garden and flower lovers….these are Ronnie’s picks….


this is probably our last blog about our Alaska trip since. We will be back at Caesar Creek Soaring Club in a couple days…..been on the road for 44 days since leaving July 13th…thanks for all your great comments !          Jim and Ronnie


3 thoughts on “Mackinac Island

  1. We have enjoyed your trip. Many of the places we have also visited on both our Alaska cruise- rail trip and our trip to the Great Lakes and Beaver Island where we flew over Mackanac Island on a 4 passenger plane. Also flew into the Fyords while in Alaska. Saw the plane we flew on in your pictures and took the same boat trip you did. Brought back many great memories. Let us know when you plan to return so we can get Ronnie out on the courts again!
    Carol and Charles

  2. Macinac Island one of the most beautiful places in all the world – mackinaw as well the grand Hotel is one of my favorite places so glad you had a great trip and ended there! have fun with Austin tomorrow night, love k.

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