Canadian Rockies

Today is Monday, August 19 and we are in Minot, ND for the night…..wanted to post a few photos from the drive through the Canadian Rocky Mountains from Jasper to Banff which we did 3 days ago

The Icefield Parkway runs about 175 miles through the heart of the mountains and the Columbia Icefield…so there are many glaciers as you go…..this is one of the best mountain drives in North America…we camped the night before in a small village called Grande Cache in Alberta…Ronnie was able to get a fire going ….


We have seen a good selection of wldlife on our trip such as these …


Around every curve the mountains and glaciers just keep coming….



And  the weeping wall….P1030520

The glaciers really are receding….when I was there with Brad and Kathy  the Athabasca Glacier was much larger, now there is just a lot of dirt and gravel where it was then….still massive though

Our  one  regret was that it went too  fast ……. the park is so crowded that you can’t find campground space….

We are now on the drive back across the US and have decided to drive on US 2…..the first day across Montana was really beautiful…..the “big skies” of Montana are  really big….wheat fields that stretch to the horizon …very few trees….then the wheat fields hay fields ….beautiful in a very different way

Last night we stayed at a great site below the Fort Peck Dam in eastern Montana….more on that next…


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