Skagway, Alaska

A little catching up here…today is Sunday, August 11….we left Valdez on Thursday and drove north to Tok. On Friday we drove from Tok to Haines Junction, Yukon. When you cross the border into Canada the highway turns from good to poor immediately and stays that way for the next 100 miles with dirt, gravel, construction and permafrost heaves…then for the next 100 miles to Haines Junction it improves some but still only fair…this is the worst of all the road we have to drive and from here on the roads are generally pretty good.

We spent Friday night at a campground there…we departed Haines Junction very early Saturday morning for Skagway.  Here is a view in the early morning…


To get to Skagway, you leave the Alaska Highway a little past Whitehorse and turn south on the Klondike Highway….the scenery keeps getting better as you go..


We made very good time but had a long wait crossing back into the US….It was a beautiful day and I think  there were a lot of Yukon folks going to Skagway for the day….We waited about 45 minutes to get through


The sign here is at a very dramatic point…….the drive down the mountain was very intimidating….I am not looking forward to the ride outIMG_2679

the weather here is the best we have had since Fairbanks…sunny and about 70.

One reason for coming to Skagway is to ride the train to White Pass and return on the White Pass and Yukon RR…..on the ride today the tour guide said this 20 mile section of railroad is considered one of the three greatest engineering feats along with the great wall of China

….it is hair raising….Ronnie spent a lot of time studying the wood paneling on the opposite  side of the train



This was the bridge across the gorge used until 1969….I can’t imaging going across it ever


At the top you can catch your breath before the ride back down….there are 5 flags at the top…Alaska, USA, Canada, Yukon and British Columbia


The horizontal gash is the rail line and toward the left side of the picture is one of the bridges


This ride is a must if you get to Skagway….tomorrow we are going on a long boat cruise to Juneau and back….more later


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