Day 23–Leaving Seward

I quote from the National Weather Service forecast discussion this afternoon…….”a massive upper level trough extends across eastern Russia …the Bering Sea and all  of Alaska this afternoon”……I often read the forecast discussion when soaring to get a feeling for the weather…this tells me that rain is in the forecast for most of Alaska for the next couple of days…. we had a great time but the last two days in fog and drizzled got us down…still Seward was a great place to visit…




We left Seward, sadly, because it is such a charming town….founded in 1903 as a camp to build the railroad to Anchorage which took about 20 years and is now  probably the most scenic railroad in Alaska….but the fog and drizzle got to us….we wanted to go to Homer but the forecast was not good for the next several day so we went back the way we came, through Anchorage, the only way out…heading to Glennallen through Palmer….

Alaska is amazing….everywhere mountains, rivers, vistas that go to infinity…



and then it ends up that the river flows out of a glacier….


We are camping tonight in Glennallen  a pretty campground…


Tomorrow heading south to Valdez…


One thought on “Day 23–Leaving Seward

  1. Your photos are spectacular and your accounts just make me want to be there. I’ve experienced the same drizzle and cool weather on the Kenai Pennisula and can almost feel it.

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