Glacier and Marine Wildlife Cruise

Left the city marina at Seward on the Glacier Express at 11:30 AM…Seward (10)Seward (16)

This marina is really crammed with boats…the deep water harbor does not freeze in winter…on the way out past our camp site on Resurrection Bay… a short walk from the marina….you can click on any photo to enlarge

Seward (22)Seward (26)

On the way out to the Gulf of Alaska we saw Harbor Seals…no photos….they are very skittish and slid in the water quickly…but on some rocky islets we saw Steller Sea Lions and they did not seem to pay any attention …

Seward (38)Seward (40)

Went up another fjord to the Holgate Glacier coming into view;;;Seward (45)Seward (48)

Seward (51)Seward (55)

Seward (62)

Difficult to get any perspective on the size but we saw some people along the beach on the way out who looked really tiny so I think the front face had to be 300 to 500 feet high at least…maybe a 1000 to the visible top

Seward (59)

On the return we sailed through a narrow channel …..there were countless gulls and puffins…but the best was humpback whales….

Seward (72)Seward (74)

Very hard to get a photo of these giants….we saw one “breach” which is when they leap out of the water straight up and do the giant back flop…The Captain said he had only seen this many whales a handful of times in nine years

Seward (75)Seward (76)

Birds and whales all following the fish…

Seward (79)Seward (80)

What a trip…the little town on Seward is dwarfed by the surrounding mountains…

Seward (99)Seward (101)

This morning we see that a cruise ship has docked at the marina so we are about to go check it out


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