Days 11 and 12–Ft. Nelson to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

After almost 2 days of solid rain we left Fort Nelson, British Columbia under overcast skies yesterday morning. The mountains got bigger but unfortunately the skies never really cleared, so often the mountain tops were obscured in clouds. Still, the rugged landscape was always with us..

Day 11 mountain roadDay 11 near summit lakeDay 11 tetsa bridge 2Day 11 summit lake

We also ran into road construction but this is expected on the highway every year

Day 11- hwy work

Saw moose, caribou, sheep and a large herd of bison…..

Day 12 - deerDay 11- carabou

The places on the map turn out to be very small but iconic such as this stop at Toad River and the one next to it at Contact Creek

Day 11 - toad river lodge Day 12 Contact Creek

The highlight was yesterday afternoon when we reached Muncho Lake and stopped at the Muncho Lake RV Park. This is camping at it’s finest. Ronnie was so happy. The setting is spectacular on this beautiful mountain lake about 8 miles long and a mile wide…We had a campfire which the owner and his dog delivered to our site…we walked by the lake…we talked for an hour or more to a Canadian couple who live full time in their 40 foot diesel pusher….here are some scenes from the Muncho Lake RV Park

Day 11 Muncho Lake 1Day 11 Muncho lake fire pitDay 11 Muncho lake rv park 3Day 11 Muncho lake rv park - RonnieDay 11 Muncho lake rv park our siteDay 11 Muncho lake rv park us and fireDay 12 lvg MunchoDAy 11 Muncho Lave rv park 4

Today we entered the Yukon Territory…crossing the 60 Degree North Latitude parallel. Even this late in July the days are very long….Watson Lake has a couple of interesting attractions, the most famous is the Signpost Village with over 70,000 signs from around the world

Day 12 signs 1

We also went to a high tech planetarium show about the size of the universe and  some great photography of the aurora borealis seen in different parts of the world….the campground is in the middle of the town and realy  boring….we loved Muncho Lake…tomorrow we will try to get Whitehorse.


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