Day 10 – Hunkered down waiting out the rain

After our museum visit yesterday the rain began in earnest. We got out our new Columbia rain gear, cut off the tags and walked up to the restaurant for dinner. This little place has great food. Ronnie had a big taco salad and I had a Patty Melt with fries….YUMMMM.

It rained all night so we decided to stay another day. Did our laundry first thing then back to the restaurant for breakfast….omelets this time ….. delicious!

While waiting at the laundry facilities located at the front entrance, we noticed a lot of the big rigs had a sticker on their windshield along with a number….one of the guys explained….the one with his back to us in this photo

Day 10 - 1

They are on a “Fantasy RV Tour” which left Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 17 days ago for a 60 day Alaska tour….28 big rigs in the caravan all stayed here last night. The guy directing this one above out was the “tail gunner”, last in the caravan. License plates from Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida and may other states….The “tail gunner” above had been on a Kentucky Derby tour before this and after Alaska was headed to tour the wine country in California….he said they did have a house in Prescott, AZ but last year were only home for about 2 months….

I didn’t know there were people who lived like this…what an amazing lifestyle. Just for something to do I looked up the cost new of one these big rigs…one like in the photo above might be close to $400,000 new.

It’s still raining but the woman working at the wine and beer store where we walked after breakfast thought the forecast was for some clearing after today. We are hopeful for a decent day tomorrow to drive into the Northern Rocky Mountains.


5 thoughts on “Day 10 – Hunkered down waiting out the rain

  1. There is a bright spot to the rain….Ronnie can use the oven since you aren’t moving 🙂 How about some spinach souffle???

  2. OMG!! Sounds so wonderful. Now that I have a link to your blog, I can follow you all the way to Alaska!!

  3. Hi Jim and Ronnie –Enjoying your blog–Ola’s niese and her husband are currently touring Alaska in a rig just like yours. wouldn’t that be a hoot if you bumped into them—Debbie and Juan are their names. Bob and Ola

  4. The caravan sounds amazing!!! Looks like I’ll have to “Marry-Up” if I want to make that a reality!!!! JUST KIDDING! I have the greatest already!!!

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