Day 7 – Arrival in Grande Prairie, Alberta

We had no Wi-FI  for the last three days so here is a catch up.

On Day 4 we drove to Jamestown, North Dakota and stayed at a nice campground there.We had cocktails with our neighbors who were from Alabama. They bring a big Harley and park for a few days then ride the bike some each day. Here is Ronnie the next morning early

Day 5 Morning jamestown ND

On Day 5 we drove to Regina, Saskatchewan crossing into Canada. The crossing was not what I expected….agent at the gate for RV’s and trucks asked several questions, jotted the answers on a yellow slip then said   “OK, park your RV over there and take this and your passports inside.”  The Agent inside then repeated some questions and ended with “Tell me all the states you have lived in ?” We did and he then left for about 10 minutes. On return, “OK, you’re good to go”. Interesting, wonder what that was about?

Saskatchewan is Canada’s prairie state….flat and barren of trees. We first saw these fields of yellow in northern North Dakota but as we went north they became the dominant feature. What do you think this is?

Day 5 Canola fieldsDay 6- Canola 2

The fields were often on both sides stretching to the horizon. The answer is Canola which the Milepost says is a hybrid of Rapeseed. The landscape there is beautiful in a way but I can’t imagine living there…imagine the winters…very stark. In fact this was the scene out the front window on the morning of Day 6.

Day 6 - early am Regina AB

We drove on to Vegreville, Alberta on Day 6 and filled up on the way….here is the pump reading. $287 Canadian for 222 liters, nearly 60 gallons….gasoline is much higher in Canada.

Day 6 first fill up in Canada.

Found a lovely spot at  Municipal park in Vegreville for the night and Ronnie made me get out our new Weber grill to do hamburgers

Day 6 Grilling

The campground there was in a very pretty Elks park….here are some photos

Day 6 Elks camground 3Day 6 - Elks campground 2WDay 6 - Elks campground

The big egg is a giant wind sock .It is called a Pysanka . On from there to Grande Prairie, Alberta today. Here at the Country Roads RV Park

Day 7 - Grande Prairie ABDay 7 - Grande Prairie

We have driven 2900 miles  and this morning we go to Dawson Creek which is where the Alaska Highway begins…..We hope to get a campsite at the RV park right on edge of the town and spend the day in Dawson Creek before beginning our adventure on the Alaska Highway tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Arrival in Grande Prairie, Alberta

  1. We guessed that once in Canada you might have spotty service. We missed the daily report so enjoyed getting caught up. Pictures look great, we are feeling envious. Things are great on Fripp, warm all week but a nice breeze. We got a little rain last night Nd this morning.

  2. Enjoying your blog! I’m. Sure your having a blast in the new RV. Keep us posted on you adventure and be safe:-)

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