Day 3 – Alaska Adventure

On Sunday we drove from Chattanooga to the middle of Illinois where we again happened to pick a very nice campground …it’s sort of pot luck as to what you will get…so far so good. Yesterday we drove from there to Black River Falls, MN. Campground here is nice enough too. After 3 days we have driven almost 1300 miles.Here we are arriving yesterday afternoon.

Day 3-2

Day 3-3

When trying to decide what route to take to Alaska, I Iearned about a Microsoft program called Streets and Trips. I decided to try it and found It to be very useful if you don’t have an internet connection. Plus, it  has some  other nice features like points of interest including campgrounds.

So, this morning, I planned our trip for Day 4. I used Streets and Trips and planned a trip of about 475 miles to Jamestown, ND. Then, I used this must have RV Guide to find a campground in that area.

Day 3 -1

After selecting one I put it into my Garmin GPS and we are ready to go. More later.


2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Alaska Adventure

  1. Whatever you do please don’t consult the RV Travel guide while operating the doublewide. And for the record,my heart is broken that Ronnie cannot operate the oven while the beast is in motion. Has Ronnie taken the wheel yet ? Have fun team! BTW- VIBER is a FREE iphone app that allows you to text and call from many international destinations free of charge- check it out! Love Kelly

  2. I love your blog! And Jim is so descriptive in his writing that I feel like I’m there too! Wish I were!!!

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