Our Alaska Trip Begins

We finally got the motorhomeP1030283 onto the island and into our driveway on Thursday…..after some backing and forwarding we got it actually into the driveway.P1030285

In the driveway this thing looks pretty big….Arrival and Day 1 001So we then spent Friday getting it filled up with all our junk for a two month trip…did we forget anything??

We left today (Saturday the 13th of July)…initial reactions…Ronnie looking at the side of the bridge as we drove over the NARROW Harbor River bridge….yikes are we really that close!  Then we did our first fuel stop…put in the VISA card and started pumping…at close to $100 the pump slowed down and stopped at $100….OK, I started a new transaction and did it again….same deal…another $100 and it’s not full yet…took nearly 60 gallons.

On we go. Our route was I-95 to Savannah, then I-16 to Macon,. then on to Atlanta….by now I am feeling like I know how to drive this thing so we went straight through Atlanta….7 lanes northbound and full of cars…but only a minor delay near mid-town. After that a piece of cake….

We arrive at the Holiday Trav-L-Park  in Chattanooga about 3:45 PM….406 miles later. Beautiful campground with tons on RV’s here….Arrival and Day 1 006

Day 1 in the bag….now only about 15 more and we will be in Alaska




2 thoughts on “Our Alaska Trip Begins

  1. Looks beautiful, what a great trip! sent Betta your post, she has make that trip, hope you get to see Patty, look forward to more Lynn

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